Awesomesauce Documentation

Awesomesauce is the #1 most buzzword compliant gateway in the industry! You will love this sauce, it's awesome!

Here at Awesomesauce, we think REST is the best thing since sliced bread, even though we don't really understand it. So we're declaring our API to be REST-compliant; we hope you're OK with that... actually we don't really care.


To authenticate a request, add your API login and key to it:


Production requests should be made by POSTing to:

Authorizing a purchase

To authorize the eventual capture of funds, use the auth endpoint:

POST to /api/auth
  login info
  <number>CC num</number>
  <cv2>CVC num</number>

If you want to immediately collect the funds, use an action of purch:


The response will have the following fields:

Field Explanation
success true or false
err a message about what happened
code a code about what happened
id a reference for the operation


If you auth, then you have to capture in order to actually collect the funds. Do that by passing an action of capture to /api/ref, and including the id from the auth:

POST to /api/ref
  login info


Void an auth or refund a purchase by passing the id to ref with an action of cancel:

POST to /api/ref
  login info


To test, sign up for a sandbox account and send all API requests to

All amounts with cents of .00 will succeed, and any other amount of cents will trigger the corresponding error code.

You can use any valid test credit card number for testing.

Error codes

Code Error
01 Should never happen
02 Missing field
03 Bad format
04 Bad number
05 Arrest them!
06 Expired
07 Bad ref